I’m Transgender – Now What?


I’ve been an advocate for several years on the virtue of men wearing skirts, but in light of some recent discoveries, I think I need to present full disclosure here. For anyone who follows this blog, you might note I haven’t posted for quite a while…and here is why:

I always thought of myself as just a weird duck. I’ve been an advocate for male skirts for the last 5 years and have always told my wife that I felt I was either a woman in a past life or I’ll be a woman in another lifetime. Never thought of myself as Transgender until I actually watched a documentary on being Transgender…Surprise! So now at 47 years old, what the hell do I do with this new information?

Well, my wife and I had a heart to heart and long story short, she’s behind me 100% and so are our two sons. With much disbelief, we’ve spent a good part of this past year in counseling and seeing doctors and psychiatrists who pretty much all agree that I’m textbook with Gender Dysphoria which is the fancy name of saying I’m Transgender. About 5 months ago I started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and in my 4th decade of spinning around the sun, I’ve decided to switch teams.

This leaves me at a bit of a crossroads dilemma as I am still very much an advocate for unisex clothing and skirt wearing guys, but unfortunately, I don’t feel I should be posting any longer onto this blog as a “guy”. I’m starting a new youtube page called “Changing Gender” in case anyone would like to follow or is curious about my transition. It’s been a slice and I’ve really enjoyed posting and I’ll still continue encouraging guys to wear what is comfortable and rocks! So until we meet again, I guess this is goodbye for now – but not forever.


Kelly “Murray” Taylor-Faye


Best Skirts for Men


Thanks to Pinterest and Google, fashion is blurring the lines between his and hers at a record rate. Women are wearing oversized watches, men’s pants, shirts, hoodies, and even copying men’s underwear styles. But what happens if a man decides to press the line into skirts which are socially accepted in most developed countries as “women’s wear”? Continue reading

Please Define Crossdressing


The picture you are looking at has two garments shown – on the left is a women’s size 9/10 skirt and on the right, a men’s size 32/32 pair of blue jeans. If you were to describe this photo to anyone, what captions would you use?

Some that come to mind for me might be, “In love”, “Chillin out”, “Life’s good”…or how about “Unisex is best”. Those clean shaven legs on the left actually belong to me – a 47-year-old male and the beautiful toes on the right in the “men’s” apparel belong to my gorgeous wife.

With the shape and size of our bodies, we could easily swap clothes and reshoot the photo and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference – yet by western culture standards – I’m the one who is considered cross-dressing. So please, step back – look at our Western and European societies, and ask yourself, “What’s WRONG with this picture?”

-Kelly (Murray) Taylor-Faye


Why Men Should Be Wearing Women’s Clothes


On average, women have a choice three times over men when it comes to shirts, shoes, pants. Equal choices when it comes to business suits and blazers, Six to one on undies,  swimwear, and sportswear. Plus skirts, dresses, and leggings. Cuts and styles abound on the women’s side of the store while stepping across the aisle will result in a handful of conservative variations like, “Do you want a blue t-shirt or a red one?

Designers can’t be blamed as it’s a social issue – not a fashion one. Does any man talk about how often someone else has worn the same outfit? Yet this is common for women. A social norm for women is to try their best to appear like they have a boundless number of clothing options, stand out in the crowd, and for sure to never show up dressed the same as another woman. (Please, someone comment to let me know if I’m blowing smoke out…well, you know).

Society, however, has taught men to become vanilla beans. Pastel shades of blandness hunkered down to 52 shades of…the same thing. They are free to enjoy expressing themselves (insert sarcasm here). Option 1, 2, or 3 – anything else and your masculinity may be challenged because after all, men are known to be tough – so tough they’re afraid of standing apart from the rest of the pack.

Somewhere in time, men have become pussies when it comes to expressing themselves. They’ve gone from “wanting to be seen” to “wanting to blend in”. From holding styles that women want to “how many ways can you wear one shirt?” Have men’s testicles shrunk so much over the years that they are scared to stand out? Women spend hours a day trying to be memorable (again – please correct me if I’m speaking out of line here). I believe there are many men out there who care about their body, hair, skin, nails, clothing, and even makeup but are too afraid of rocking the boat.

For myself, I’ve spent 45+ years trying to fit in only to realize that I don’t – I believe I’m not alone in this journey. I believe that there are a lot of guys out there who want to not only feel good about how they look and what they wear but also to be memorable and to make a difference in the world. As long as you always “fit in”, no one will ever remember you. So my challenge to you is to figure out what makes you tick and run with it. Hop across that imaginary fence between “gender” clothing and be you! Check out the women’s section of the store – you might be surprised by how many incredible well-fitting clothing options exist there…and who knows – perhaps one day that fence won’t exist and clothing styles won’t define ANYONE’s gender, strength or values as a human being.

– Kelly




I Could Choose to Fit In



As a way of being intimate, my wife and I have shared clothes for years. Running for an errand outside, I’d grab and put on her coat. She’d wear my shirts, sweaters, and even sometimes pants…and now she even sometimes steals socks from our teenage sons. We are roughly the same size which helps. It’s never been a problem socially for her, but when I decided that I wanted to wear skirts, that’s where things got weird – socially anyway.

In our small sleepy town, people either know me personally or know of me as the guy who makes signs OR the guy that wears women’s stuff and for the most part, people who actually know me see past the clothing. People who can’t – aren’t really in our lives any longer – by their own choice.

We are living in such an incredible time right now. Thanks to Google, if you are reading this, you probably have an interest in guys wearing skirts and don’t live in my little town of 400. The internet has connected billions of people around the world to realize we live in a very diverse society – and the more photos I can post of myself – the more I can contribute to that diversity becoming acceptable and “normal”.

Some women literally only shop in the men’s section – because the clothes fit better and feel better – and societal etiquette deems that acceptable. As a man shopping on the other side of the aisle – I have my own reasons – some political, some social, some personal – but my choice of clothes definitely seems to cross an imaginary line. At the end of the day, I say this – If you’re a guy who likes pantyhose – wear ’em. If your a guy who likes dresses – wear ’em. If your a guy who likes skirts, makeup, nail polish, leggings or anything else that is so-called “reserved or made for women”  wear ’em – and post pics. Realize you’re not alone and realize that men and women aren’t so different – It’s society that widens that gap – not gender.

I could choose to wear pants and baggy shirts and be “the guy” no one remembers – but I choose to be “the guy” no one forgets! How ’bout you?

– Kelly

Men, Skirts, and Family


As a GenXer,  I wake in gratitude every day next to a gorgeous 46-year-old “Hot Mama” in a house with two most incredible teenage boys. We’ve fought 13 years of our lives to obtain what most people can’t fathom – True happiness.

Every decision we’ve made from homeschooling to the way we modeled our business has been with the goal of hacking life our own way. We own a house built with our own hands, produce our own power, purify our own water supply, heat our house using mother natures’ offerings, produce over 40 natural body care products – from scratch and ship them throughout all of Canada and the US, published a book, oh yeah, and we’re debt free.  Continue reading

Thank you Ellen

ellenAs my wife and I were watching funny clips of the Ellen DeGeneres show on YouTube, we came across a clip of her and her spouse Portia kissing – and we both were unbelievably moved by the passion and love you could see they had for each other. By today’s standards, gay and lesbian couples are fairly well accepted compared to say 20 years ago.

Today I’m proud to say that I wholeheartedly am for any kind of relationship – hell, over 50 percent of straight couples end in divorce – maybe they could be taking some notes! 🙂

Continue reading

Men wearing Women’s Clothing – Dying on a Molehill

man wearing skirt

“Choose your battles wisely”, is how the old saying goes. This is wisdom…especially if you are a man who happens to like clothing labelled as womens. There may be nothing wrong with a man wearing women’s clothing (personally, to me there should be one department store marked – CLOTHES with no separation for men’s or women’s), but society has adopted some skewed views that we have to work with. Continue reading

Guy In A Skirt – Judge Me Because I’m Judging You!

man in a skirt

Kelly and Audrey Taylor-FayeI’ll be the first to admit that I kind of get a kick watching people’s reactions to me wearing a skirt. Why? Because I’m heterosexual – have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. I have no desire to get a sex change and in fact enjoy the look of the female anatomy, um, how can I put this…well, let’s just say, I’m a healthy male. Continue reading