Men, Skirts, and Family


As a GenXer,  I wake in gratitude every day next to a gorgeous 46-year-old “Hot Mama” in a house with two most incredible teenage boys. We’ve fought 13 years of our lives to obtain what most people can’t fathom – True happiness.

Every decision we’ve made from homeschooling to the way we modeled our business has been with the goal of hacking life our own way. We own a house built with our own hands, produce our own power, purify our own water supply, heat our house using mother natures’ offerings, produce over 40 natural body care products – from scratch and ship them throughout all of Canada and the US, published a book, oh yeah, and we’re debt free.  Continue reading


Thank you Ellen

ellenAs my wife and I were watching funny clips of the Ellen DeGeneres show on YouTube, we came across a clip of her and her spouse Portia kissing – and we both were unbelievably moved by the passion and love you could see they had for each other. By today’s standards, gay and lesbian couples are fairly well accepted compared to say 20 years ago.

Today I’m proud to say that I wholeheartedly am for any kind of relationship – hell, over 50 percent of straight couples end in divorce – maybe they could be taking some notes! 🙂

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Men wearing Women’s Clothing – Dying on a Molehill

man wearing skirt

“Choose your battles wisely”, is how the old saying goes. This is wisdom…especially if you are a man who happens to like clothing labelled as womens. There may be nothing wrong with a man wearing women’s clothing (personally, to me there should be one department store marked – CLOTHES with no separation for men’s or women’s), but society has adopted some skewed views that we have to work with. Continue reading

Guy In A Skirt – Judge Me Because I’m Judging You!

man in a skirt

Kelly and Audrey Taylor-FayeI’ll be the first to admit that I kind of get a kick watching people’s reactions to me wearing a skirt. Why? Because I’m heterosexual – have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. I have no desire to get a sex change and in fact enjoy the look of the female anatomy, um, how can I put this…well, let’s just say, I’m a healthy male. Continue reading

Should Men Wear Skirts?

How to pick up women

Tooth FairyActually, who cares? No really, who cares about flip flops vs lace up shoes? Are there debates going on in Congress or Parliament about button up shirts vs Tee’s? No, but for some reason, there seems to be a need to justify what the hell men put across their loins. If my son wanted to wear a pink tutu and our neighbour’s daughter hated wearing dresses, does that make them any less of people? Short answer – no. Continue reading

Straight Guy Seeks Women’s Clothes?

man wearing a skirtHow does a 40 something corporate manager go from crew cut and loafers to skirts, boots, and long hair? With the help and blessing of his wife of course.

My wife kept complaining about how clothes never fit right…and I kept complaining about how women have nothing to complain about – Men have zero choices when it comes to comfort OR style. Somewhere in the conversation I mentioned about how women not only had their own style of clothes but could pull off wearing anything of a guys and be called “cute”. I brought up skirts and she questioned, “why can’t guys wear skirts?” Continue reading