Links and Interests

Links To Great Sites:

Utilikilt – Made in the USA, Utilikilt’s are a familiar “accepted” men’s garment without the Scottish connection. Beefy and full of pockets, there is nothing feminine about them. Expensive (@$260) and heavy to wear but a great choice if you are wanting to try a skirt but uncomfortable about the stupid social stigma’s that western society has.

The Skirted Man – I wear skirts and remain a man – It’s what I do. Jeremy is a great guy to connect with from the UK. He has a great blog and tells it like it is. Check him out.

SkirtCraft – Incredible unisex skirt built in the USA – Check out Joe’s work! After a couple years of hard work, he was able to get a Kickstarter funding with 177 backers (me being one of them and can’t wait to get mine in the mail!). Look for an online store coming later in the year. I’m excited for him because he’s standing to make a difference on something he believes in with passion, hard work, and money. He is pushing into a market that should have always been there – clothing IS unisex. Always has been always will be. Social acceptance is what changes and I love that Joe’s pushing out into this social stigma.

Mode Müth – Personal website of a great fellow from Germany – Unbelievably unique forms of dress. Incredible styles.



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