Why Men Should Be Wearing Women’s Clothes


On average, women have a choice three times over men when it comes to shirts, shoes, pants. Equal choices when it comes to business suits and blazers, Six to one on undies,  swimwear, and sportswear. Plus skirts, dresses, and leggings. Cuts and styles abound on the women’s side of the store while stepping across the aisle will result in a handful of conservative variations like, “Do you want a blue t-shirt or a red one?

Designers can’t be blamed as it’s a social issue – not a fashion one. Does any man talk about how often someone else has worn the same outfit? Yet this is common for women. A social norm for women is to try their best to appear like they have a boundless number of clothing options, stand out in the crowd, and for sure to never show up dressed the same as another woman. (Please, someone comment to let me know if I’m blowing smoke out…well, you know).

Society, however, has taught men to become vanilla beans. Pastel shades of blandness hunkered down to 52 shades of…the same thing. They are free to enjoy expressing themselves (insert sarcasm here). Option 1, 2, or 3 – anything else and your masculinity may be challenged because after all, men are known to be tough – so tough they’re afraid of standing apart from the rest of the pack.

Somewhere in time, men have become pussies when it comes to expressing themselves. They’ve gone from “wanting to be seen” to “wanting to blend in”. From holding styles that women want to “how many ways can you wear one shirt?” Have men’s testicles shrunk so much over the years that they are scared to stand out? Women spend hours a day trying to be memorable (again – please correct me if I’m speaking out of line here). I believe there are many men out there who care about their body, hair, skin, nails, clothing, and even makeup but are too afraid of rocking the boat.

For myself, I’ve spent 45+ years trying to fit in only to realize that I don’t – I believe I’m not alone in this journey. I believe that there are a lot of guys out there who want to not only feel good about how they look and what they wear but also to be memorable and to make a difference in the world. As long as you always “fit in”, no one will ever remember you. So my challenge to you is to figure out what makes you tick and run with it. Hop across that imaginary fence between “gender” clothing and be you! Check out the women’s section of the store – you might be surprised by how many incredible well-fitting clothing options exist there…and who knows – perhaps one day that fence won’t exist and clothing styles won’t define ANYONE’s gender, strength or values as a human being.

– Kelly





4 thoughts on “Why Men Should Be Wearing Women’s Clothes

  1. Beauty article! I am a man (58) who enjoys wearing women’s leggings when I run and practice yoga. I have been doing this for a number of years and am comfortable wearing them in public. The reasons are exactly as stated above – there are more women’s leggings to choose from, they are of better quality, more colorful and fit me better. Men’s leggings are inferior. Recently I have discovered the joys of wearing a skirt around the house. Now to get up enough gumption to wear one (a skirt) in public. ☺

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  2. Thanks PhilR. Totally agree. Any attempts that have been made to get leggings into the guys market have been less than best. Again, it seems like rather than just helping change behavior patterns to understand men won’t grow breasts by wearing leggings, the designers have to beef up and make an “actual” men’s athletic power enhancing super flex blah blah blah at 4x the price…or they could just call women’s leggings Unisex and maybe offer a few sizes with longer inseams for guys with longer legs. I love leggings as well.

    I’ve lost a few “friends” from wearing skirts. Gained a lot of new business – found a lot of true friends. Our company has actually grown because everyone remembers and associates me to “the guy in the skirt”. Take heart my friend – I almost had a panic attack the first time I wore a skirt in public. Actually, make that a panic attack for almost the first 6 months. I had a million excuses as to why I was doing it and EVERYone could see MY uneasiness with it. I had a few people ask why…and again I fumbled and panicked. Over the years I’ve become very at ease with myself and that helps others tremendously. – Kelly (Murray)

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