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After losing my wife to cancer in my thirties, life as I knew it changed.  I realized all the things I missed out doing because I was always afraid of what people thought. Losing someone you love early in life has a way of helping take stock of reality and what the world perceives as reality.

I am now remarried to an amazing and beautiful woman who happens to also have been a friend of my first wife. We have two amazing boys whom we homeschool and the four of us live life to the fullest. No longer afraid of the big bad “what do people think syndrome”, we live life the way we were created to – As ourselves. In fact, we now coin the phrase, “Anyone who has an opinion is welcome to pay our monthly bills”…and it’s funny because it works! You realize that everyone has an opinion about something, but only you pay your bills, so you don’t give other people’s opinions any weight.

Murray Taylor is just a pseudo name. We have a few websites – Riverstone Naturals, Gluten-free Recipes, Alternative Building Techniques, and World Schooling 101. Using pseudo names helps keep each of our sites high on searches and Google at bay so if someone is looking for body care products we don’t end up getting diluted in the search list. If you want to know more about us or our given names, check out our other sites.

So how does a straight-laced Catholic boy start wearing women’s clothes? Well, after complaining to my wife about how women have so many clothing choices and men have so few, she pushed and asked, “Why can’t men wear skirts?” I honestly didn’t have an answer and thus the journey awkwardly began. It took me the first six months to convince myself that I wasn’t gay and that I wasn’t a cross-dresser. I struggled to look at myself in the mirror but the feeling of wearing a skirt was amazing and that kept me going. Our goal wasn’t for me to look like a woman but to look good as a man and break down gender-based dress codes. Since my first wife’s passing, I’ve become a bit of a crap disturber when it comes to paradigms. What has ensued is a fun and amazing journey as a couple discovering who are true friends are. Come join us on our ride!


One thought on “About Da Author

  1. Well said “Men Wear Skirts” 20-04-15. Exactly my sentiments but you have said it short, concise rather than my more detailed web site.

    I’m a male skirt wearer and with my wifes support. I too choose what society labels as womens wear for character, personality, preference, freedom of choice and expression. I also wear them as it provides much more room for a certain part of the male anatomy.

    I started my web site in March 2011 and it has evolved since. I’ll gladly put a link to yours especially if you plan on expanding it. My site is there in the hope to give others the confidence to wear a skirt in public, be an individual and be themselves. I get many contacts from men who want to wear skirts or only do at home but have not got the confidence to do so. It is also interesting to note how many would be male skirt wearers are out there but cannot do so because their partner says they cannot.

    I promote men in skirts on Twitter as best I can which is the only area where I can let others know what I feel about their one sided views. Out and about in public I get a few who stare and a small minority, it is small who make negative body language, point and chatter to themselves. You know what they are saying but you cannot challenge them. On Twitter as elsewhere on Social Media they hide behind their computer screens and spout forth, so I “entertain”. They never say anything directly to you, the ones who do compliment me.

    I have not lost a friend since going public. I have gained friends. Just as many third parties will engage in social chit chat with me dressed as I do as they did when I went out and about in societies labels of male clothes.

    I strongly believe and say it publicly freedom of choice applies to both genders not just one. What is good for the Goose is good for the gander. If Society expects men to remain in strict code of dress to it’s traditional clothing labels and stereotyping then it should apply the same to women.

    The main problem I see, and even those men who wear skirts, is that men have to be individuals as a gender, cannot support or act as a group. I have several men in skirts who follow me on Twitter but that’s it. Many contact via email, express their own disappointments or state they admire my determination and that’s it.

    I’m on the internet as theskirtedman but I also state my name, Jeremy Hutchinson. If you would like to talk my contact details came through with this comment.

    All the best and keep promoting men in skirts.

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