Men wearing Women’s Clothing – Dying on a Molehill

“Choose your battles wisely”, is how the old saying goes. This is wisdom…especially if you are a man who happens to like clothing labelled as womens. There may be nothing wrong with a man wearing women’s clothing (personally, to me there should be one department store marked – CLOTHES with no separation for men’s or women’s), but society has adopted some skewed views that we have to work with.

As I write this, I’m watching my wife walk by wearing very manly cargo pants while I’m sitting here wearing leggings (quite comfortable I might add) and although this works well in our house, I’m cautious on choosing venues for how to dress. When we go out to a trade show with 25,000 people, It’s our turf and our company we represent. We set the rules and the guy in the skirt rocks it. When we go to Christmas supper with family, or we have a business meeting on a cold call – the skirt stays home. Am I a sell out? After all, I’m an advocate for men and women being able to wear whatever they want, right? True, but I’m also an advocate for respect and tolerance.

There are some old fashioned views out there and just like men wearing earrings, or women wearing pants, eventually when it is seen public enough, the social realm adopts it as “normal” but until then, I caution men to choose which battles are worth fighting and which are not. Damaged relationships or lost work may or may not be worth being right over. You have the choice in the matter. Choose to be a positive influence on those you come into contact with. Balance portions of what you like with what others will feel comfortable with. Seeing a man in a woman’s shirt with a skirt might be a breaking point, but one or the other might help to open a closed mind.

I recall not that long ago when body piercings were frowned upon. Most staff members in any retail setting had a choice – remove the piercing or don’t come to work. Tattoos were the same – keep them covered. But social acceptance and reality TV shows changed all of that in just a few short years – now 50 year old mom’s are getting inked and it’s considered edgy and in some ways actually encouraged by society.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, wear what you want, when you want, but be aware of your surroundings and the people you are going to come into contact with. The more men are seen in public wearing clothing that would be, by today’s standards, classified as for women only, the sooner old stigmas will be erased and new paradigms will rush in to fill the void. It’s an awesome world we live in, and I believe in the greater number of open thinkers than the handful of closed ones. I also believe the next decade will be one filled with many social walls being broken down. Clothing is only a small part of it.


7 thoughts on “Men wearing Women’s Clothing – Dying on a Molehill

  1. Well said. 🙂 Actually I’m writing these lines from Frankfurt Airport where I’m currently waiting for departure. And guess what? I’m raising awareness for men in skirts as I’m wearing an ankle length black sarong. 🙂

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  2. I think ‘hiding’ as a man in a skirt in situations like careers should be considered and it can even affect careers by letting them know your private life. It shouldn’t be, freedom of choice applies to all not just women in areas like clothing. Like you I work for myself and I have one stance with regards choice of clothing – accept me for who I am, if not please stay out of my life. In fact this can apply to many aspects of life. It is an attitude rife within society generally these days and under such persons you can and will become controlled simply by the expectation, beliefs and ethos of other individuals, many of whom do not give the slightest thought of others in their lives.

    With regards clothing choice If I have to accept others choice with out question and in any situation regardless then the same applies to me and men like me. There are certain areas of society I would not enter but then that is not because I choose to wear skirts or clothing society is hell bent on labeling as womens clothes but for other preferences in life styles and because I am aware of my surroundings for many aspects of life.

    We all form friendships based upon numerous factors and stay away from those you find difficult to bond with. I take the same stance on clothing – you do not like my choice, fine, stay away. Women do not pick or choose what they want to wear based upon others thoughts and when they do encounter negativity social backlash is there for their support. Nobody these days and from any generation questions the male style clothing adopted by women as standard items and in any situation, formal or informal.

    You are right, the more men in skirts out and about generally the social stigma will decline even disappear as it does for many aspects of society but ‘hiding’ just to ease others narrow and selfish opinions will not help. Within my personal life only one area has been lost due to my choice of clothes and that is a small section of family by marriage whom we rarely see in any event, and the same part of the family who embrace all womens freedoms of choice regardless. That’s their choice, their loss. Going out and about generally in public yes I see small minorities with negative overtones, no physical or verbal directly at me, but you know they disapprove but I still partake in aspects of life that appeal to me and my wife. Just as many impromptu conversations start off with third parties in a skirt as they do in trousers. Just as many ignore me as when I’m in trousers, yes I do get more looks in a skirt than when I’m in trousers! My wife and I have formed several new friendships on top of existing since I have gone out and about in a skirt and no doubt many will not form a friendship with me because of my skirt but then that happens when I’m in trousers.

    The question one has to answer is do you really need to maintain a bond with a person who expects for themselves and others but denies for others. If that bond is important then ‘hide’ if it isn’t important let them go. Whether I put a skirt on or not is simply down to practicality of the task in hand. I’m a strong believer in respect and tolerance but it only exists as bidirectional not singular. There is none if only one party provides, in this situation your respect and tolerance towards them is to accept their preferences but decline to get involved unless maintaining the bond/relationship is important.

    Hopefully this conundrum for some will not be in the near future, perhaps this next decade!

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  3. It’s really a “non event” when a guy wears a skirt. No one cares! Guys shouldn’t worry so much about wearing a skirt after all men have worn skirts throughout time far longer than women have and top clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize a skirt makes more sense for a male to wear than a female based on anatomy alone… no freaking crotch binding inseams, cooler than shorts on a hot day and if really short freedom of movement is outstanding and best of all chicks (most not all) find guys in skirts “intriguing”…they will get more action than the jocks! (Perhaps they realize the guy in a skirt isn’t sexist, homophobic or sexually insecure like the idiot guys who somehow think a skirt will make them gay).

    Clothing designers are missing the mark trying to design skirts for men. A skirt (any skirt) will fit a man equally as well as a woman. Structurally they can be the same. It’s the materials and patterns that might appeal to one sex more than the other. See these guys in skirts and note they still look like men and are obviously NOT “cross dressing” to look like women: there are more here:

    Men ARE discovering skirts are superior for running, hiking and sitting BUT find it difficult to accept due to peer pressure and a screwed up society. You can change that! Just get a cool “Cargo Mini Skirt” and enjoy it… lots of useful pockets, usually plain, belt loops, and looks better on men than any shorts. These are great at about 11 to 13″ long. (short = more freedom of movement and looks better). Just wear some tight supportive undies as to not ruin the trend because you will be faced with the exact same issues women have when wearing a mini or micro mini skirt… there will be an inadvertent flash now and then but if covered so what…nothing to see! Get the right attitude and all will fall into place and men can end 150+ years of boring fashion like women did (with their more open minds) 55 years ago when they adopted mens pants in a big way. Do your part and become active…

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  4. PATAGONIAKID – Well put! You Thank you for the well-articulated comment. You really hit the nail on the head. Men wearing skirts (or any other clothing option) is completely a non-event. It should AND WILL become common place just as earrings, baggy pants, tattoos and the sorts have taken a comfortable social acceptance around the world. I have come across many men who have secretly let me know they wear skirts – but never out of the house.

    The more we post pics, the more we write blogs, and the more men are seen in public wearing skirts, the sooner it will become common place. Here’s to the future of equality!

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  5. I don’t care what strangers think of me, but my family are all very conservative. Even wearing short shorts provokes disapproval, and the only way I can go out in a skirt (I have several in a corner of my wardrobe) is if I go away for a few days. While I should be able to wear what I like, and I love wearing skirts, peasant blouses, frilly panties and pink clothes, I don’t want to risk my personal relationships.

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    1. Thanks John, I’m with ya…my wife and I had to make a decision about friends and family…we chose what was right for us. Everyone has to make that call and in our case – it ended in 3 ways. 1. Some broken relationships, 2. some still awkward friendships, and 3. some incredible, genuine true friendships – but let there be no question – my wearing skirts and my wife wearing dreads defined us AND defined what was important in other peoples (families) minds. My siblings are good with it, but I still wear pants to visit my parents. Being self-employed helps a lot too as you set your own dress code…but I’m totally with you. Looking back over the decades, I’ve known I’ve never fit in – and pretending I did sucked. I’ve been pretty blessed to be married to someone who gets me and we support each other with very open thinking. Please check out this post as well:

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