I Could Choose to Fit In



As a way of being intimate, my wife and I have shared clothes for years. Running for an errand outside, I’d grab and put on her coat. She’d wear my shirts, sweaters, and even sometimes pants…and now she even sometimes steals socks from our teenage sons. We are roughly the same size which helps. It’s never been a problem socially for her, but when I decided that I wanted to wear skirts, that’s where things got weird – socially anyway.

In our small sleepy town, people either know me personally or know of me as the guy who makes signs OR the guy that wears women’s stuff and for the most part, people who actually know me see past the clothing. People who can’t – aren’t really in our lives any longer – by their own choice.

We are living in such an incredible time right now. Thanks to Google, if you are reading this, you probably have an interest in guys wearing skirts and don’t live in my little town of 400. The internet has connected billions of people around the world to realize we live in a very diverse society – and the more photos I can post of myself – the more I can contribute to that diversity becoming acceptable and “normal”.

Some women literally only shop in the men’s section – because the clothes fit better and feel better – and societal etiquette deems that acceptable. As a man shopping on the other side of the aisle – I have my own reasons – some political, some social, some personal – but my choice of clothes definitely seems to cross an imaginary line. At the end of the day, I say this – If you’re a guy who likes pantyhose – wear ’em. If your a guy who likes dresses – wear ’em. If your a guy who likes skirts, makeup, nail polish, leggings or anything else that is so-called “reserved or made for women”  wear ’em – and post pics. Realize you’re not alone and realize that men and women aren’t so different – It’s society that widens that gap – not gender.

I could choose to wear pants and baggy shirts and be “the guy” no one remembers – but I choose to be “the guy” no one forgets! How ’bout you?

– Kelly

6 thoughts on “I Could Choose to Fit In

  1. Great post, Murray! Men have been wearing skirts far longer than women have worn pants.

    I built myself a denim skirt out of a pair of jeans in 1984. Wore it a few times but didn’t feel comfortable in public in it. I also didn’t sew it very well and one of the seams came apart (at least that didn’t happen in public). Now I have a tubular sarong that I made to wear in hot weather, both in and out of the house.

    A long skirt that looks like it’s designed for the “average guy” would be most welcome.


    1. Thanks Neil, We actually talked about making and selling “men’s” skirts for a while – but we realize we’d rather promote unisex fashion more as most long “A” frame “women’s” skirts rock on men’s body shapes and there are already a couple of other guys selling men’s skirts out there.


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