Should Men Wear Skirts?

Tooth FairyActually, who cares? No really, who cares about flip flops vs lace up shoes? Are there debates going on in Congress or Parliament about button up shirts vs Tee’s? No, but for some reason, there seems to be a need to justify what the hell men put across their loins. If my son wanted to wear a pink tutu and our neighbour’s daughter hated wearing dresses, does that make them any less of people? Short answer – no.

Now for the long answer: Once upon a time aristocratic men wore wigs, make-up, frilly puffy shirts, and tunics over their leg hose. Aristocrats – Yes, rich guys! In addition, high heels were in the same category as high performance parts for race cars – high heels were used to hold men’s feet in the stirrups for horse back riding The higher the heel the better the hold – 3 – 4″ were common. Flash forward a few centuries and lets look at the 1900’s. Women began to vote. They started wearing their husbands pants and shirts so they could manufacture bullets and equipment for war and as a result today we realize women can drive trucks, pound nails and God forbid…even be doctors.  Food is being cooked by male chef’s, there are male nurses, male flight attendants, stay at home dads. What has this sick society become? Oh, but wait…what if a man wore a skirt? Could society wrap their heads around such a sight? (After all, space travel is just science fiction, Cell phones will never exist, and yes, the world is flat because I read it on someone’s Facebook so it must be true!)

Even more peculiar is the fact that all of our male super heroes run around in spandex and bikini bottoms. The flashier the colours, the better. Isn’t it funny how putting tights on a dude gives him super powers but a skirt or a dress emasculates him?

Men and women alike have every right to dress anyway they like. If Albert Einstein wore a dress, he would have still been Albert Einstein. Athletes for years have been trying different materials and clothing options to shave a fraction of a second off their performance. What if wearing a skirt allowed your boys to breath and gave you better testicular health preventing cancer or allowed your wife to become pregnant because of better sperm count. What if wearing a $5 pair of tights got rid of your sore calves and ankles? (On a side note, I discovered this secret being on my feet at multiple tradeshows every month for years. Wearing a 2″ heel and a cheap pair of tights completely got rid of my ankle and calf pain along with my sore lower back. After 10 hours at a show, I still had lots to give!) What if wearing pants and a man’s work shirt allowed a woman the opportunity to work in construction? (I don’t think you’ll see many dresses going up a ladder or pounding nails). At the end of the day, everyone of us – whether you are a man, woman, or child has every right to wear what you want and feel comfortable in. If you are a woman who likes, to get dirty, find some jeans and a Tee, and if your a man who likes clothes labelled as “women’s” – wear ’em and wear them with confidence in who you are. The world is full of knock off’s and doesn’t need another. BE YOU and be damn good at it! Be a game changer!

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